Comparative Effectiveness Research

Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is designed to improve quality of care through comparisons between available effective treatment options on different patient cohorts. CER can drive increasingly tailored treatments for patients while mitigating adverse events. CER serves as the foundation for evidence-based medicine; it is a systematic approach in determining the appropriate use of drugs, devices, and health technologies and the development of new drugs and therapies in patient treatment based on patient cohorts. Through evidence-based medicine, measurable improvement in disease outcomes can be achieved for patients.

Strict regulations will require that research organizations and other groups engaging in CER must have tools that allow them to reduce errors and inefficiencies while maintaining proper compliance. EMED has demonstrated expertise in decreasing process inefficiencies associated with regulatory burdens. In order to conduct effective CER, a key concern is maintaining the privacy and security of patient information. EMED’s managed hosting capabilities and experience can be leveraged in building fully compliant frameworks that support CER. Once this information is made accessible, EMED's solutions can make it meaningful by applying business intelligence tools, data visualization, and custom user interfaces.
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