Translational Research

Translational research is the bridge that spans between laboratory findings, population studies, and clinical insights on one side and clinical practice on the other. With shrinking drug pipelines and decreased private sector funding, organizations undertaking translational research will play an increasingly important role in delivering on the promise of new drugs and therapies for patients. Effective translational research requires collaboration from a multitude of cross-disciplinary partners and a tailored informatics solution that facilitates information and data integration.

EMED leverages our experience in clinical trial informatics, ability to create data visualization tools, integrate multiple systems, and deploy custom solutions across the health sector to facilitate translational research. EMED has the capability to design and develop solutions that span across different phases of translational studies. Through these tools, organizations engaging in translational research can make use of patient data from multiple sources to improve the efficacy of new drugs and therapies. Further, EMED's solutions integrate systems across patients, health professionals, research organizations, and payors to help drive new insights into treatments.
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