Public Health

Public Health serves as the foundation for attaining better population-level outcomes for patients and holds tremendous promise in directing efforts for improving chronic disease management, elder care, and in dealing with infectious disease outbreaks. With the vital role public health plays in maintaining a healthier society, solutions that can allow for better information integration across the health biosphere (including patients, health professionals, healthcare systems, research organizations, and payors) must be developed. This can be achieved through enhanced infrastructure to promote process streamlining and information exchange.

EMED has experience defining, designing, developing, and deploying informatics solutions for public health registries; surveillance and control; prevention and early detection; as well as epidemiology and comparative effectiveness research. These include:

Surveillance Informatics – Central to all surveillance informatics applications is the ability to Source, Recruit, Register, and Navigate the population and patients.
Management Informatics – Critical success factors in all surveillance informatics applications involve the management of processes, workflow and key events including Detection, Identification, Mobilization, and Intervention.
Training Informatics – Significant integration value is generated by continuous Outreach, Training, Provisioning, and Monitoring of the organizational and network dynamics.
Results Informatics – Mission critical endpoint management is achieved through Standards, Performance, Results, and Value building of the business intelligence and evaluation mechanisms.
Integration Informatics – The best public health outcome is achieved by integrating surveillance across end-to-end disease management stages including Awareness, Research, Treatment, and Care.

By leveraging EMED’s extensive experience with informatics solutions, organizations can achieve higher impact from their public health initiatives. Through these efforts, communities will increase prevention of chronic and infectious disease and benefit from improved outcomes overall.
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