The healthcare system is at a critical point as it struggles to improve quality of care while facing increasing numbers of patients and rising costs. EMED seeks to support healthcare delivery through promoting evidence-based medicine in clinical practice, innovation at the point of care, and connectivity between patients, health professionals, healthcare systems, and research organizations. At the core of its solution, EMED strives for a learning health system capable of improving patient care by empowering health professionals to make more informed care decisions while controlling and lowering costs especially those related to treating the health disparity community, chronic diseases, and elder care patients.

EMED's solutions are developed into layers that are tailored to the individual needs of an organization. Our core services offer end-to-end ability in defining, designing, developing, deploying, and delivering solutions to clients. Making meaningful applications for patient information requires robust solutions that include data analytics, business intelligence, data warehouses, cloud hosting, data visualization, user interfaces, dashboards, report cards, and mobile or tablet platforms. Another essential component of the learning health system is the capability to pursue open-source technologies that are more flexible and more easily integrated than proprietary technology.

Crossing the health biosphere together will allow for evidence-based care that will lay the foundation for greater value and improved organizational efficiencies. The learning health system is a new vision of collaborative healthcare where health professionals, healthcare systems, and patients can leverage the best available, verified scientific information in making informed decisions about care, while continually driving new value and innovations. Evidence-based care will allow for healthcare to shift towards practicing preventive care that increases outcomes for patients while decreasing the cost of patient care.
Health Biosphere