Health Education

Health education plays a fundamental role in improving the overall health of communities around the world. Strong emphasis will be placed on health education to address a growing elder care population, increased disparity of care globally, chronic disease, and the growing gap between the number of health professionals with the general population. In order to realize the full potential of evidence-based care, health education must have the capabilities to reach health professionals and patients with the strongest scientifically-proven health information.

Health professionals require the ability to continually be educated in real time about new treatments, drugs, and best practices within the industry. Chronic care patients, especially the elder care population, will require information to manage their conditions and assist non-health professionals, such as family members, who are helping with their care. Annually, millions of preventable deaths occur globally due to infectious and chronic disease. Areas with limited health infrastructure put their populations at higher risk for disease due to lack of access to health education. With the increasing adoption of evidence-based clinical practice, health professionals will require tools that allow them to continuously apply proven approaches in day-to-day operations. This requires the understanding that the point of care is now distributed, requiring increased connectivity.

IT solutions will be an integral part of an overall health education effort to improve outcomes for patients around the world. Mobile applications, web portals, and dashboards will all play critical roles in disseminating and collecting health information, and improving the education of the entire population, including non-medical workers, in best practices in care. EMED works with organizations to implement highly tailored, robust informatics solutions to maximize the impact of health education initiatives. Through this application of informatics, efficacy of treatments and prevention programs will increase.
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