Patients today face numerous challenges in dealing with their healthcare. These include limited access to quality care, inefficient delivery mechanisms, fragmented continuity of care, and fraud. EMED believes that addressing these concerns will usher in a new age in patient care characterized by higher quality and improved disease outcomes, especially in the areas of chronic disease management, elder care, and health disparities.

EMED develops solutions that directly impact care by delivering meaningful information to patients. Through solutions such as web portals, social networks, and other digital tools, patients can benefit from the ability to share information with various stakeholders, enjoy care continuity with multiple physicians, engage their support networks, and receive pertinent education about conditions as well as clarity on reimbursement. Through this synchronization, patients will experience improvements in their care, including a reduction in the overall costs of care and a more efficient system that significantly reduces repeated tests and medical errors.

Utilizing mobile technologies, patients will be able to respond to these obstacles and many others.
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