Research Organizations

Research organizations, ranging from government organizations to commercial organizations (such as pharmaceutical corporations and academic medical institutes), are the basis for advancing the possibilities of medicine. EMED recognizes that research organizations face many challenges in getting new drugs to market quickly while maintaining high levels of safety and efficacy. Some of these obstacles include regulatory compliance, availability of diverse patient cohorts, management of trial processes, availability of necessary monitoring/reporting mechanisms, process fragmentation, and resource bottlenecks, alongside proper cost and time management.

EMED, through its services, defines the client need in order to design and develop the appropriate information solution, which is then delivered and deployed in accordance with client operations. EMED's integrated information warehouse and decision support mechanisms streamline clinical research processes and workflow, reduce organization redundancies, minimize unnecessary and inefficient services, increase collaboration and networking, enhance regulatory and best practice compliance, and reduce cost and time during the clinical trials phases. Furthermore, research organizations require the ability to integrate seamlessly with health systems, payors, patients, and health professionals in order to foster better collaboration that is required for effective research.

EMED helps research organizations engaged in all forms of health research, including clinical research, translational research, and comparative effectiveness research, to reach new levels of continued growth. Our proven experience coupled with our cost-effectiveness and flexibility yields a high return on investment for research organizations.
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