Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine holds tremendous promise for the future of patient care. Through the application of molecular analysis, patients can be more aware of their health risks and predispositions towards various diseases. Utilizing this information, health professionals will be able to tailor disease management regimens that reflect the genetic and environmental background of their patients. A personalized medicine solution allows for the creation of a knowledge base that interprets the genome in multiple clinical contexts, pre-symptomatic risk assessment, prognostication, pharmacogenomics, and ongoing lifelong outcomes monitoring.

As genomic screening becomes more ubiquitous, organizations will require tools to make this data meaningful and integrated with existing patient health information. Informatics tools will play an essential role in making this information useful in clinical practice and research. EMED's role as a thought leader in the health industry can help organizations looking to pursue personalized medicine to develop a road map and plan for the future, design solutions to meet these goals, and finally deploy them.
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